Fine Exhibition Engineering

Our modern world is a complex one, and this is also true of many products. It requires a great deal of explaining before consumers understand how they work and what the benefits are for them. But nobody enjoys long and drawn-out explanations. Imagine if even the most complicated things were self-explanatory and could be easily grasped in real terms. This is precisely what we have been making possible for more than 30 years. And this is what PROJECT ANTHOZOA is about.

We combine the individuality, flexibility and technical precision of a top-quality manufacturing firm with all the benefits of being a medium-sized company. In addition, we have both first-rate craftsmanship and the very latest technology at our disposal. As well as our own workshops with highly qualified employees, we also work within networks with highly reputed specialist partners. This enables us to create effective and individual solutions in close collaboration with our customers and to implement them in an efficient manner.